About us - Reactivemos la Esperanza

About us

The Rekindle Hope Project (Reactivemos la Esperanza) is an innovative, creative and solidarity based strategy to help workers in the tourism industry that have lost their jobs.

The campaign has a positive cascade effect, as it works by donating food dishes to be exchanged by the beneficiary for eating at local cafés or restaurants or taking home. This reactivates the economy, as it benefits the owner of the cafés and restaurants, its suppliers, including transporting agents, the fisherman or those selling cheese and tortillas.

The first phase will be executed in 3 severely affected cantons in the Province of Guanacaste, namely, Santa Cruz, Carrillo, and Liberia.

At the Rekindle Hope Project we multiply the proverbial loaves of bread and help the hungry, generating employment and reactivating the local economy.

Help us build this proposal to reach our tourism ambassadors. Guanacaste needs our help, through this creative, solidarity based project.